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Frequently asked questions

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What is // Autonox?
// Autonox is a transparent middleware synchronisation application which resides in the Cloud and is connected to both your Autotask and your Fortnox platforms.
How does it work?
The software is constantly monitoring each system for changes, when a change is detected it updates the relevant parts of the other system. For example, when an invoice is created in Autotask, // Autonox detects this new invoice and creates it in Fortnox automatically for you.
What modules are synchronised?
Depending on your choice of service, Customers, Invoices, Products & Services are all 2 way synchronised between both systems.
Do we need to look after a Server if we want to use it?
No, our software lives on our infrastructure and all the maintenance and licensing is covered by your monthly SaaS fee.
It's a monthly service, is there a minimum term we must agree to?
No. // Autonox is "pay as you go", there is no minimum term, just tell us when you want to stop using it and we'll switch it off and stop billing you.
To comply with Swedish law, can the system account for Pre Payments correctly?
Yes // Autonox gives the user full control over the correct posting of Pre Payments. If you would like mpre details on this, please feel free to contact us.
We already use Fortnox, will that be a problem?
No problem at all. // Autonox can be setup to run with existing Autotask/Fortnox customers or new ones, it doesn't matter. For existing Fortnox users, we'll just confirm with you at which date would you like Autotask to start sending invoices into Fortnox.
Is it possible for you to development some new functionality for us?
Yes absolutely, if there's something extra you would like // Autonox to do for you, get in contact and we'll talk about your requirements.
What about support when we need help, how does that work?
Support is open on extended hours from 0800 until 2000 6 days a week but we monitor email support during all waking hours.
We might need a bit of extra help setting everything up, can you help us?
Yes no problem, we can agree a fixed price for some Consultancy time and do all the hard work for you.
Can you help us with our Autotask setup?
Sure, our CEO is a fully certified Autotask PSA Consultant and has worked with some of the largest Autotask users in Europe. Just get in touch and he'll reach out to you.
What type of Autotask charges can be synchronised on the invoices?
// Autonox supports all Autotask charges including Expenses recharged to your customers.
We have different invoice layouts for different customers, is that a problem?
No that's no problem, you can still use your normal Autotask Invoice Templates in the normal way.
What happens if we make an error and need to change an invoice?
Invoices arrive in Fortnox ready to bokför. You can simply change the invoice for minor corrections but for bigger changes you can simply void the invoice in Fortnox, void & un-post the corresponding invoice in Autotask and then start again.
Exactly which fields are synchronised?
Obviously it's not possible to synchronise every field as Autotask and Forntox are two completely difference systems developed by two completely different companies. // Autonox bridges the gap between both platforms and we've mapped as many fields as it technically possible. We'll explain in more details when you get in contact but it's basically most of the Customer details, most of the Product details, most of the Service details and a mapping around the Kontoplan and Billing Codes.
Will there be new features released in the future?
Absolutely, we'll be releasing updates and new features as and when they become available. Our plan is to continue the development of // Autonox driving deeper integration into CRM, Purchasing and Expenses but we'd love to hear your feedback and ideas.
Can you develop a new software application / integration for us for something else?
Yes no problem, get in contact and let's have a chat.
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