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Optimise your business with 2 way Customer, Product, Service and Invoice synchronisation!

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Autotask / Fortnox Integration & Synchronisation

Introducing // Autonox, Sweden's most comprehensive Autotask / Fortnox Integration. Designed by MSP's for MSP's.

Invoice Synchronisation
Invoices created in Autotask are automatically synchronised into Fortnox ready for you to check and Bokför. Payments dates are synchronised back to Autotask accordingly.
Customer Account Synchronisation
Bidirectional Customer Account Card synchronisation with Account Manager mapping to ensure integrity of your Autotask sales structure.
Products & Services Synchronisation
Full bidirectional synchronisation of all your Products and Services in both systems together with intelligent kontoplan mapping and default products for labour invoices.
Premium Support As Standard
Enjoy unparalleled technical support with a direct telephone link to the software developers operating extended opening hours 7 days a week.
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